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Venusian Day Retreat

Sunday May 28, 2023
2 – 8 p.m. | The Rose Temple, Vista, CA

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Womens Circle Tour

San Diego, CA
Coming Soon

Welcome Sister,

I am so happy your soul was guided here. This is a community of women walking the path of healing and embodiment surrounded by the love and support of sisterhood. We come together in ceremony and circle to do our inner work, to fill our cups, to receive what we need so we can shine our light into the world.

As women, we are naturally caretakers. we live in a modern world that moves at a fast pace. The time we take to come together and sit in circle allows us to slow down, tune in, and get into alignment with what we need. We honor and love ourselves by taking this time.

Why the Rose ? The Rose carries the highest frequency on earth; a gift from the planet of beauty and love, Venus. Her frequency represents our divine feminine hearts. She is a great teacher both physically and energetically. She reminds us to forgive, hold compassion, purify, let go, unfold, bloom, open, embody our boundaries, and receive love.

In this community we resonate in the highest codes of the divine feminine. We look at the shadows so we can be aware and alchemize them with love. Sisterhood, is sacred relationship between women where we come together in unity. We honor each other by holding space, supporting, celebrating,  The energy of unconditional love, intuition, sensuality, creativity and our connection to Mother Earth.

Together we hold space for each unique woman’s heart and soul.

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