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Malyssa Heart is a Ceremonialist, Women’s Circle Facilitator, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Rose Lineage Activator, & Magdalene Rose Priestess. One of her most passionate callings she brings to the new earth is Sisterhood of the Rose Women’s Circles. In these circles she guides women through Temple ceremonies & rituals of purification, receiving, forgiveness, compassion, unconditional love and empowerment to uplift the divine feminine.

She channels the frequency of unconditional love through the Venusian Pink Ray inviting women into their true essence of divine love.

Sisterhood has been one of the deepest forms of healing I have received. Through the sacred practices of the Rose I have been able to heal my heart and my lineage. It’s truly an honor to create a safe and sacred space for women to connect, heal, and uplift each other. Together we ripple out the frequencies into humanity.

May we all rise together and shine our soul light into the New Earth.