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Dear Sister,

Every month we will come together to align our souls with the healing energy of the white Rose.

Let these circles be a sanctuary for your healing.

  • You are invited to allow yourself to be fully seen, heard, supported, and loved.
  • We will connect with compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional love.
  • Shed what you’re ready to let go of.
  • Allow for deep healing & transformation.
  • Expand your Awareness.
  • Open your heart to Receive. 
  • Embody your hearts truest energy.
  • Experience the beauty of sisterhood.
  • All of you is welcome in this sacred container.
  • Details:

We will meet for 90 minutes. Please arrive 5 mins early to settle in to your space. I ask that we all have our cameras on to create a safe space and deeper opportunity for connection.

Dress comfortably, bring a pillow, blanket, journal, hot tea or water and any of your sacred items.

There will be a creative journal exercise, vocal activation, sharing circle, heart healing meditation, crystal bowl sound healing, and divine feminine kundalini yoga practice.

Take a deep breath in, fill up your chest, allowing your heart to expand and receive love my divine feminine heart to yours.

Sat Nam

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