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Dearest Sisters,

How have you been feeling?

Your heart, your body, your womb ?

Take this moment to tune in, to close your eyes, to feel, to be with yourself.

This is a way we love, care, and honor ourselves.

Often, we are moving at such a fast pace we miss these chances to slow down and tune into how we are needing to love and care for ourselves. The love and care we need is ever changing with the cycles we flow through as women. Our bodies need a gentle care at times, especially when our moon cycle is approaching. We feel more tender both emotionally and physically. We must listen to our needs to truly love ourselves.

This Sunday, the 28th, we are blessed to
gather in circle and honor this season of spring. All her gifts of rebirth and what has washed out with the tide. Together, in our rose temple we get to experience love and care for ourselves in this gentle ceremonial journey.

Rose Blessings, Songs, Tea, Yummy Nourishment, Guided Self Love Meditation, Partner Exercises, Sharing, Sound Healing, Gentle Kundalini Yoga, Self Care Lunar Sadhana Creation and so much more. 

I hope each one of you is loving and honoring yourselves every day. That you’re making those moments to tune in and feel. That’s where the magic is in being a woman. Our ability to feel, sense, through our hearts, bodies, & intuition.

Keep feeling sisters, it’s your superpower.

In devotion to the Divine Feminine,

Malyssa Heart